Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fraser the Yellow Dog visits Sandpoint, Idaho!

Here I am with my best buddy from 25 years ago, Shari French who lived in
Aspen. She now lives up in Sandpoint, Idaho. I'm up here visiting, enjoying the gorgeous weather, playing on the calm water... OK, so I arrived on May 11th and it was 70 degrees here in Idaho and Aspen received over a foot of snow. Yahoo. While here, I did two school visits: Kootenai School one day and then Washington School the next. Both days, I was lucky to be the featured author and to teach the students how a book is made. At Washington School, they have an annual author day which is so wonderful: they really go all out with parent participation, amazing meals, and the annual "button contest" where each student draws a prespective button to go along with my Fraser books. The students' artwork was incredible and the winners' art goes on the actual buttons. I will be featuring their art work and photos soon. Check back!