Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jill meets Authors in Salt Spring

We recently returned from our favorite island in B.C., Salt Spring Island. We go there every year to sea kayak and relax in the peace and beauty of a Canadian island. We've made many friends over the years! This year, I had the pleasure of meeting two remarkable authors: Margriet Ruurs has written 28 children's books and owns a bed and breakfast which is a book lovers' paradise. We had a cup of tea one afternoon and shared our mutual love of writing for kids. We also enjoy teaching children the process of writing a book. Recently, she traveled to South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Mongolia. She even took a journey into the heart of the Gobi Desert--sounded amazing!

I also got to meet Wendy Orr, a wonderful author who has written numerous books including Nim's Island which was made into a movie. She was on Salt Spring staying with her parents so after we got in touch, I went over to her mom's beautiful home overlooking the western part of the island. It was a lovely visit--her mom talked all about living on Salt Spring for 30 years!! She also told me about their many adventures sailing! We didn't have a ton of time to discuss books but it was great finally connecting.

Salt Spring is a small island and yet has numerous independent bookstores (thank goodness) which I find so wonderful and exciting. Personally, I spend hours in Volume 11 where yearly, Betty gives me great suggestions that I love and pass onto my book club.