Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Blue Bottle Project

Courtney and I had the honor of teaching my novel, The Blue Bottle to Kellie Schenck's fifth grade class. The students read and Courtney and I answered questions. We were absolutely amazed at the depth of questions the students had.

The project culminated with the students making their own bottles complete with favorite quotes from the book, images of the Caribbean and decorated with sea shells, sea glass and many other items. The students wrote letters to a favorite person and rolled them up and placed them into the bottle. Ms Schenck challenged the students to give the bottles to someone other than their parents.

Courtney and I were thrilled to talk to the students and find out to whom they were giving their bottles and why. All of the students poured their hearts and souls into this project. Some were giving their bottles to: grandparents, older siblings, past teachers, etc.

We were honored to receive 2 bottles for ourselves and a wonderful thank-you letter that was incredibly well written and was in and itself a lovely gift!

The students made a bottle for the REAL Esther in the book and Courtney and I delivered it to her in person when we sailed to her cafe in the BVIs. The next blog will share pictures of her opening the bottle and her amazement.